"I would highly recommend Nelly for reducing stress and anxiety relief. As soon as the session started I could feel my body and mind totally relax, which is quite difficult for me. During the session I felt a connection to my heart, and an internal ‘letting go’ that felt amazing. I did not want to end it. Nelly exudes warmth, empathy and understanding, a true ‘healer’. After it ended, I felt centred and balanced and could quite easily fall asleep, something had shifted deep inside and I could not wait for the next one! I have seen many healers over the years, but Nelly by far was the one that helped me the most."

- Samantha

Hertfordshire, United Kingdom

“Nelly has been an amazing support to me when I needed the most. She gave me hope when I thought hope was not around”.

- Susan


"With the help of Nelly, I learned to challenge my negative thoughts about myself. She made me see myself as someone worthy of love and respect.

I highly recommend her services to anyone who wants to find peace and joy in their relationship with self and others".

- Iren


“I really enjoyed working with Nelly.

She helped me to look at my childhood and at my life differently. I used to feel anxious and frustrated and had a lot of self-doubt.

After several sessions with her I began to trust myself more and started to feel strong and confident about myself”.

- Olga,


“I was really lucky to have Nelly working with me as a therapist both in person and through Skype. Our sessions were very emotional but reasonably brief and I’ve never heard from the problems that bothered me before the session ever since. The first issue we worked on was something done by a person who passed away very long ago. For obvious reasons this relationship could not be fixed by the parties but today I feel neither anger nor sorrow towards what happened back then or impact of that on the next years.


Another issue we worked on was a childhood emotional trauma which greatly influenced everything that has happened in my life later. Nelly made me look at the event in a way I could never imagined. After that session I was very surprised to discover that another issue probably rooted in the same event has been resolved without any efforts on my part.


I experienced hypnosis sessions with a number of North American hypnosis guru and noticed that Nelly is very skilfully balancing her client’s hypnosis depth on the level where subconscious changes are quick, efficient and comfortable to both mind and body.


Nelly has been blessed with a talent for empowering of her clients to open themselves towards natural healing. Her personality light coming from within, positivism and professional knowledge make us, her clients feel the change for the better from session to session and grow our confidence in brighter future no matter how serious the issue might be."


 - Elena Stroganova

Toronto, Canada