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Systemic Family Constellations Therapy


In this therapeutic approach we consider the individual as part of a Greater Whole – a Family System.

Sometimes present-day problems and difficulties may be influenced by traumas suffered in previous generations of the family in the past. Bert Hellinger, the founder of this therapy, referred to this relation between present and past problems in the Family System as Systemic entanglements.

When we understand systemic laws (“Orders of Love”), we see that many of our issues come from ‘entanglements’ or unconscious loyalties to the suffering of other members in our family. According to the Systemic Therapy, the solution to life in family occurs when each of its members takes his/her appropriate and actual place. As a result, healing movement is then possible allowing love to flow again between members of the Family System.

A Family Constellations session typically takes place in a group of people who are not related.

I will start the session with asking an issuer-holder about his/her issue and his/her family system history. Then he/she has to choose   representatives of his/her family system from the group members. And then the magic and the main work begins. Representatives will report the feelings of the issue-holder’s family members though they have never seen them before. During the session I will ask the representatives about their feelings and may reposition them. Later I will suggest some healing sentences for each of the participants to say. The issue-holder takes his/her place in the family constellations and report his/her feelings. 

In a one-to-one session, with my guidance, we are able to look at the hidden dynamics in the family and find the resolution to the existing problems giving an issue-holder the  freedom to live his/her own life.


Some clients experience immediate shifts after one session. Others come back for a follow up session several months or years later.

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